Dance fitness is a fun way to workout your body, but did you know it can workout your brain too? You’d be surprised at what one dance class a week can do for you!

Dance Fitness All The Way

If you’re like me, gyms just don’t cut it. You want something more fun for your fitness and that’s where dance comes along. The best part about it is that it’s not only fun, but dance fitness can also improve your brain function! Say what? Dancing is a great workout for your body and your brain babe. Let’s talk about brain power, baby. When you’re dancing, your brain works a little harder. How does that happen? These dance routines that you memorize can be mentally and physically demanding. Your brain is working harder to remember each move and to move each body part smoothly takes a lot of muscle memory. When your muscle memory gets practice that means you also improve your cognition. Through dance fitness you can improve the speed of how you react and understand new material plus you get a great workout in. For example, in our how to twerk videos you really have to focus to get your booty to move in a specific motion so your brain works extra hard to do that. Another awesome benefit of dance fitness is sending a bunch of endorphins to your brain to make you feel good and happy. Do you ever feel like you’re walking on cloud 9 after taking a dance class or after dancing all night with your babes at the club? You’ve got endorphins to thank for that. So maybe it’s time to plan another girls night out or get your groove on to some of my favorite dance fitness classes available online that I’ve listed below! Dance workouts are here and available for you 24/7, 365 days a year. We are the first virtual dance studio making dance classes accessible to busy boss babes like you. Check out new workouts on our instagram and tag #hsfteam on your posts so we can give you some love ?

Let Your Brain Dance

Checkout some of my favorite dance fitness classes that we offer. Take classes with the best fitness instructors Los Angeles has to offer.

Blissful Barre

My love for dance started at a young age in a ballet studio. The techniques got a little too hard for me so I was so excited to find barre classes. Our Blissful Barre class with Diane is created specifically for your home and combines barre, yoga and pilates. This class will improve your strength, flexibility and state of mind ?

Tone N Twerk

My all time favorite dance fitness class is Tone N Twerk with Nicole. There’s something about poppin’ your booty in the air like you just don’t care that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Not to mention the toning section is a killer. No wonder Nicole is total #bodygoals!


Nothing beats live music when you’re dancing. You feel the beat through your body and let the rhythm move you, that is what Afrovibe is all about. Yes it’s got live drums and yes it’s got non stop movements and heck yes it’s a lot of fun too. Zen will make you sweat with this total body dance workout.

Old School Hip Hop

Of course, I saved the best for last… old school hip hop. Nothing beats the swag of old school moves and pair it with classic 90’s dance hits and you’ve got a recipe for a successful dance workout. Ashley takes you way back to the time of the running man, cabbage patch and even the butterfly. Immerse yourself in old school moves while getting your sweat on.

Online Dance Fitness Workouts Anytime, Anywhere

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