Ain’t nobody got time for boring dance fitness workouts! We’ve compiled a list of workouts that are flirty, sexy and will slay – all day!

Sexy Dance Fitness Workouts For Every Day

If you’re like me, going to the gym is not in my list of to-do’s, but I still want to get my exercise in. So sexy dance fitness workouts are my go to when I need to work on my health. I love sexy dance fitness workouts because it unleashes my inner diva while I workout. It’s not about being able to lift the most weights, it’s about letting your body dance and get a sense of what it needs. Another benefit of dance workouts for me is that it makes me feel powerful and with the right style, it makes me feel in touch with my feminine side too. When I get a move correctly the first time, it’s a completely different adrenaline rush from my head to my toes. It’s a mixture of happiness, focus and a little confidence boost. Check out some of my fave dance fitness workouts below and get a little happy juice with your workout. We always post new dance workouts on our instagram so go give us a follow and tag #hsfteam on your dance posts so we can give you some love.

Slay These Dance Fitness Workouts Today

These are the dance workouts that make me feel empowered, sexy and make me feel like I can run the world!

Flirty Hip Hop Workout

You know I’m a big hip hop dance fan and when you add a little flirtiness to it, it makes it even better. I love that Nicole brought back a little Janet Jackson move because she is the QUEEN of hip hop dance moves. I guarantee you’ll feel fierce and empowered after this 5 minute sample.

Strong And Sexy Cardio Dance Fitness

If you look for the word slay in the dictionary, you’ll see a photo of Rihanna. Now it’s your time to slay Ashley’s sexy cardio choreography to Wild Thoughts. I love how sultry this choreography is, but what makes it different is the mix of toning elements. It goes with the music so it’s just like any choreo, but with a more targeted strength.

Tone N Twerk Dance Workout

I am a twerk dance fan right from the beginning and I think it’s one of my favorite types of dance fitness workouts. So we’re taking it back to the basics and learning from the twerk queen, Nicole. My favorite move from this workout is the knee in because it works out the glutes and the legs too.

Burlesque Dance Workout

Get those leg warmers ready and burlesque dance your way to a confidence boost. This song by JoJo is all about knowing what you’re worth and Erica’s choreo will definitely make you SHINE. I love showing off my leg warmers so my fave move from this choreo is the air splits. How will you show off your leg warmers?

Vixen Dance

Special shoutout to Janet Jones for creating Vixen Dance and letting women shine through dance fitness workouts! My fave from these five is the Cross Punches with Pops because it makes me feel badass and flirty at the same time. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

More Dance Fitness Workouts Online Anytime, Anywhere

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