It’s time for another fun challenge. This time we are targeting the gluteus maximus! That’s right! This challenge will help you work towards that Apple Bottom we all want; but in a Dancehall Jam type of way!

The Challenge

Put on music you can “Jam Out To” and dedicate a few minutes per day to each dance workout below. The level of difficulty will increase as the challenge progresses. This challenge is only 7 Days, so let’s get to work, and get that booty tight!

Hip Shake Fitness Members:

If you’re a member, you could win a month subscription, Hip Shake Fitness water bottle and a $10 Amazon gift card if you get the highest point in this challenge. Email our Community Manager [email protected] to join the challenge. Dance your glutes off challenge for members starts Feb 9, 2017 and ends Feb 15, 2017.

Point System

  • 10 points- for each challenge day completed
  • Bonus Points: Earn 5 additional points per day for posting a video in the FB Group

Moves Breakdown With Zen:

Day 1: 10 (8) counts of Frog Back Front & Side

Day 2: 10 (8) counts of Dirty Wine Squats

Day 3: 10 (8) counts of Step Back with Booty Pop

Day 4: 10 (8) counts of Tick-Tock in a Squat

Day 5: 10 (8) counts of Butterfly

Day 6: 10 (8) counts of Knee In with Dab

Day 7: 10 (8) counts of Squat Jumps with Dirty Wine