I love to dance and I’ve always loved looking up how-to videos of popular dance moves on youtube. Breaking down a move by parts is so much easier than trying to figure it out on your own. Check out how we created our first two beginner dance breakdowns!

Beginner How To Dance Video

When Charlene asked me to create a beginner how-to breakdown of our moves, I was on board. The question was, “what moves should we teach?”. There are so many dance moves that could use a breakdown and so many that I would love to try and teach.


Being a dancer to me means so many things. Enjoying movement, expressing myself through movement and of course, getting my cardio on but in a super fun way. Being able to help breakdown moves means I get to practice these set of moves myself. Sometimes it’s actually hard for dancers to get back to the basics because it’s almost second nature that we don’t pay attention to the technical stuff. So we figured out what the workout of the day will be when we launch our breakdown video and I took it from there.

Squat Twerk

The workout of the day was Tone N Twerk Squat Goals and there were a lot of single-single-double variation of the side twerk. Often times in dance class, a choreographer will use the single-single-double on different sets of moves. This gives a new layer to the same move and gives the dancer a little bit of playing time. I chose to breakdown the side twerk because even for me, I had a hard time learning it just from watching Nicole. This was a clear winner so now I have to figure out how to make this move more relatable and easy to follow. Check out the breakdown below and next time you take a  dance class see if your instructor makes you do a single-single-double variation.

Beyonce Baby Boy

Where were you when you first saw Beyonce’s music video for Baby Boy? I’m pretty sure I was home after school and I remember wanting to watch it over and over again so I can copy the choreography. So everytime the video comes on, I would plant myself in front of the TV and do whatever choreography I can see. Of course, the iconic Baby Boy shimmy is what I chose for my second beginner dance breakdown. I decided to break this move down, limb by limb. When you master each part of a move then it’s easier to figure out the full move. Peep the breakdown below and the next time you hear Baby Boy, you know what to do!

More How To Dance Videos

I’m looking forward to teaching more breakdowns in the future so we’d love to hear what you want to learn from us! Is there a specific move from any of our dance workouts that you need help with? Let me know in the comments below! Happy dancing.

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