Animation is a big part of everyones lives. We all started watching it when we were younger and we still do as adults. I’ll be focusing on famous dances in one specific genre of animation, anime.

What is Anime?

Anime is Japanese animation either hand drawn or computerized. These animations usually have colorful graphics, themes that are fantastical and very very vibrant characters. Sometimes, people refer to other animations from other countries as anime too. And that makes anime a worldly art that we all should enjoy.

Dancing in Anime

My favorite part of anime is that a lot of them have characters dancing. A lot of kids and adults look to these dancing animations and practice and perfect these dances. It gives them joy and it gets them

Lucky Star

This is about four school friends and the adventures and troubles they get into in high school. What I like about this anime is that all the girls look different; size, shape and personality. The dance in this shows all the girls in the show that you encounter, ten in total. What I love about the dance in this show is that it’s nothing but fun. You hear the song and see the girls in their cheerleading outfits and you just want to join them!

Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

This is one of my personal favorites and is a very popular anime all over the world. It’s about Haruhi dragging her friends to find supernatural beings and events. She creates a club called the SOS Brigade and this is their dance. Side note: this dance is so popular that at one of the anime conventions in Los Angeles, hundreds of their fans performed it outside of the convention.


What happens when a group of friends move to Tokyo and get jobs in the anime industry? You get Shirobako. In this clip, Ema, an animator gets caught doing her exercises on the roof. I love that she’s doing dance workouts in her little work outfit and there’s nothing wrong with working out on the roof. I might have to try that out for myself!

One Piece

One of the most popular anime’s out there. One Piece follows a young man named Luffy whose body gains the property of rubber after eating a Devil Fruit. But our dance video has nothing to do with Luffy and everything to do with Viola or Violet. She was a former assassin and a dancing badass! Take a look for yourself.

Kpop Dance Party

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