Online dance workouts are the best way to exercise while you’re on vacation. We’ve got a variety of dance classes you can choose from and you can do them in your hotel room or at the beach. No shame in your international workout game babe.

Dance Workouts On Vacation

Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you can’t workout. Our dance workouts are portable because you just need a place with internet connection so you can get your sweat on. Dancing-With-Friends I love having access to so many different dance workouts when I travel. The hotel I’m staying in might have a gym, but their equipment is so minimal and no one’s there to tell me how to use them. I’m able to take my fave instructors on vacation and keep my fitness routine in check. My go to equipment to take are resistance bands because they’re so portable, but they work you out really well too. Get your cardio and strength training on even on vacation because you deserve it, jet setter! Did you workout on your vacation? I’m so proud of you babe! Share your sweaty selfie on instagram and use #hipshaker. Tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

Beach Booty Gains

Do this workout at the hotel, airbnb or at the beach and get your booty gains on vacation! The Donkey Kicks are seriously the best because it works on your whole body. You only need bands for this workout and resistance bands are my favorite on the go equipment. Nicole will make you feel the burn wherever you may be.

African Dance Moves To Learn

Variety is the spice of life and that’s true with dance workouts too. New and different classes give me life and if I can take it with me on vacation, that’s even better. Zen teaches us a few African dance moves that’s non-stop and cardio heavy. Afrovibe is so fun because these moves work your whole body even without equipments plus we’ve got a live drummer to really feel that rhythm!

Barre Arm Workout With Bands

Want to work out your arms without weights? Try long resistance bands and barre! Diane will work on your biceps, triceps, shoulders and even your back with pulses and pulls. Long resistance bands are also very portable and can help add a little challenge to your workout. Engage those muscles especially after a long flight out.

Bollywood Dance To Sia

Who’s up for a Bollywood cardio workout? I know I am. This quick dance workout to Sia’s Cheap Thrills is the perfect vacation workout. It’s fun, works on your legs and core plus it’s a great song to dance to. Ashley will help you feel sexy and ready to hit the pool after this choreography. My favorite move has to be the hip circles, what’s yours?

Old School Hip Hop Dance Moves We Love

Now if you’re like me, you’ll always get moving when an Old School Hip Hop song comes on! You’ll have the moves to go with it too with this video from Ashley. She’s teaching us old school hip hop dance moves that will take you back to the good ol’ days. Learn the Humpty Dance, Scissor and more and you’ll be ready to hit that dance floor.

Dance Workouts Anytime, Anywhere

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