Every body is different. We have different dance workouts that caters to your body’s needs and your goals! You can’t change your genes but you can decide how to fit in them jeans!

Pear Shaped Babes

My big hipped babes, ain’t no shame in the hip game. You’ll want a dance workout that focuses more on your core and upper body, but also works out your lower extremities. If this fits you, Bollywood Abs and Afrovibe™ are your dance styles! Both workouts incorporates the arms and the core in it’s cardio dance glory. Bollywood Abs will have you squeezing that core while Afrovibe™ will get your arms sick toned!

Bollywood Abs


Stick Straight Shorties

Where my skinny minnies at? Let’s work on that cute tush and get some movement on those legs. Try out Tone N Twerk and LA Latin. Did you say twerk? Yeah, I said it and I know you can do it! Start with a private class with the booty queen, Nicole and then work on your fancy footwork with LA Latin. Salsa, Samba, snap… we’re putting you to work!

Tone N Twerk

LA Latin

Curvy Cutie

Holla if you’ve got the curve-a-tude! We’ve got muscle and attitude toning online dance workouts just for you! Flirty and Old School Hip Hop are your go-to workouts. You’ll love the sassy dance choreography from Flirty Hip Hop and reminisce the 80’s and the 90’s through dance with Old School Hip Hop. Get the girls together and show off your moves and your diva snaps and get a full body toning.

Flirty Hip Hop

Old School Hip Hop

Athletic Chick

Sporty Spice, come on down! Work on your core and your legs with Brazilian Warrior Workout and Dancehall Jam. Both these dance workouts are high in energy and can definitely keep up with your active lifestyle. Engage your core with Afro-centric dance moves and get a non-stop moving fitness class that will challenge you. Improve your strength and get out of your comfort zone.

Brazilian Warrior Workout

Dancehall Jam

Feelin’ Adventurous?

We’ve got online dance workouts to spare. Want a butt kicking, Korean pop group inspired workout? Or ever wanted to try Belly dancing? Include Kpop Dance Party and Belly Dance Trance to your workout and dance dangerously *wink*.

Kpop Dance Party

Belly Dance Trance

Dance Daily

Dancing is a great way to stay fit, whatever body type you are. It’s so much fun and now you can have on-demand access. Subscribe today for your 15 day free online dance fitness subscription and try out any of the workouts mentioned above! It’s that simple. What are you waiting for? Start your dance fitness journey today.