Naughty girls need love too. Dancing to feel good about yourself is a great way to get started. Whether you’re a boss bitch, a saucy salacious sister, don’t be ashamed of your naughty game! Let your freak flag fly and let us help you fly even higher.

Naughty Girls Unite

The definition of naughty is behaving badly or a person who does not do what they are told. Now I want to change the meaning and take back the word naughty. Here’s the thing, I believe that well behaved women rarely make history. So ya feel me babes? There’s a double standard when a man shows off his prowess versus a woman doing the same thing. If there’s anything that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez taught me, it’s that men are intimidated by strong women. Especially, ones that have feminine power. So let’s learn how to own our womanhood and really show them what naughty looks like! I’d love for you to join me in exploring our sexuality. It’s easy to do with the help of two of our very saucy instructors Erica and Nicole! Dance workouts are a great way to feel sexy and get a great workout in. Babe, just remember, you are fierce, you are sexy and don’t let anybody tell you what to do! Come check out our naughtiest dance workouts at the dance studio. BTW… I’d love to see your naughty posts on instagram. Use the  #hipshaker so we can give you some love back!

Burlesque Dance

Our Burlesque Burn is hot and ready for yah, babe! Erica mixes pilates strengthening moves with super sexy burlesque dance moves. Together, you become strong, fierce and ???.

1. Beginner Burlesque Choreography

Want a little taste of burlesque dance? This is a perfect mix of moves that you can add to your go to moves and it works with any song. What song makes your inner sexy goddess come out? Play it, play it loud and burlesque it out!

2. High Heels By Jojo

Ooh baby, no need for high heels, but take out your leg warmers. Revenge is a dish best served cold by naughty girls in booty shorts. My favorite move from this routine are the floor crawls. It’s so raw and full of feminine powers and I can’t get enough of it.

3. Sexy Chair Dance

Ready for the next level of naughtiness? Grab a chair, but don’t have a seat… instead, do some chair tricks and impress yourself and your lover. All you need is a chair with a back and you’re in business. Have fun creating shapes with your legs and booty and maybe show it off on the ‘gram ?

Tone N Twerk Dance

Our Tone N Twerk workout starts with a toning routine that will sculpt your booty and always ends in a fun and loose twerk dance! I mean, why wouldn’t you want to take a class from the Twerk Queen herself, Nicole?! I know I’ve become a mini twerk queen myself.

1. Step By Step Beginner Twerk

These basic twerk moves will rev the engine of your naughtiness. You start with a shuffle twerk and finish with a booty pop as fast as you can. Everytime I workout to this video, I get so motivated to better my twerk game because Nicole is such booty goals, don’t you think?

2. I Like It By Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin

No one owns their naughty nature better than Cardi B and she’s gotten love for it, she’s gotten hate for it, but she hasn’t changed. So let’s be more like her and stay real, stay true to ourselves. This choreo really helps release your inner bad bunny with all the booty pops and there’s nothing wrong with that.

3. Bodak Yellow By Cardi B

Of course, we’re ending on a red bottom note! The first time I heard this song, I knew we had to have a twerk dance choreography to it. Nicole did not disappoint, this is still one of my favorites because of it’s no nonsense vibe. Can you guess what my fave move is? It’s obviously the clap and jiggle ?

Sexy Dance Workouts Anytime, Anywhere

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