I love that we now live in an era where dance workouts online are a go to for fitness. It shouldn’t be hard for people to access fitness classes because we now have the technology to make it happen. Not only do we have dance workouts online, we also try to motivate our tribe through our emails, facebook groups and instructors too.

Dance Workouts Online

I love getting to know tribe members through our online dance workout community. What I love most is getting emails back of positivity and our tribe members life wins. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and totally inspired.

Our dance workouts online are not only accessible, it’s also time saving and a lot of fun! I try to make sure that our tribe members are taken cared of right when they sign up. I’m a big fan of personalized letters, so I personalize greetings to each person that signs up. Anytime anyone has a questions, they can reach me through email, facebook or instagram. You babes, inspire me everyday which makes me want to be the best version of myself. It also makes me work harder for you babes. Check out some of the many emails I treasure from babes all over the world?

Come chat with me anytime on instagram. Use the #hipshaker so I can give you some love!

Inspiration From Online Dance Workouts

Jikke from Holland

Just wanted to let you know that your emails are so inspiring and always make me happy when I read them. I have a chronic disease which makes me really tired and exhausted… but I love dancing. Your platform enables me to dance like I used to before I got ill, even if it’s only for 5 minutes at a time. You provide me with so much freedom with these online classes, to take breaks whenever my body needs them and make all other adjustments that enable me to dance even with my disease. When I have a good day I’ll have the opportunity to do a dance class in the comfort of my home brings me so much happiness and that is priceless.
You provide me with so much freedom with these online classes, to take breaks whenever my body needs them

Sam from PA

Thank you for celebrating black women. I love seeing so many black women teaching dance workouts as you don’t see that in other online workout subscriptions. This is one of the main reasons I was interested in your program besides it being affordable, fun and rewarding!

Djuke from Germany

The Grateful Dancer Challenge inspired me to do a speech at my office. During that gathering, 2 important things happened: the head of the department found some very flattering words about me – and I actually believed her because I believe in me much more than a year ago. And then I took the opportunity to tell everybody what I’m grateful for at work. I opened up and told everyone. It’s not very common (in Germany) to say that you do like your workplace, employer and the people, but I didn’t care. After my speech, I received a lot of positive comments, some even told me they really felt more motivated after hearing my words. So I think I did pretty well!

Dance Workouts Online Anytime, Anywhere

We’re your go to online dance workout studio! Access over 200 dance workouts 24/7, 365 days a year. We’re proud to be an inclusive dance community that welcomes people from all ages and all abilities.

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