We are constantly working so that you can have a better experience dancing at home or wherever you want! The following updates were released on the site in Dec 8:
  1.  All active users can now access better dealsscreen-shot-2016-12-12-at-3-41-47-pm
  2. We’ve got new pages that talk about each dance workout, sample videos and user testimonials
    1. Flirty Hip Hop Workout
    2. Bollywood Abs Workout
    3. LA Latin Fitness
    4. Brazilian Warrior Workout
    5. Dancehall Jam
    6. Old School Hip Hop
    7. Belly Dance Trance
    8. Dance Workouts
  3. You can now update your payment info and credit card in settings
  4. When an active user logs in to our site, they should always be re-directed to the member homepage now. Some users were reporting that they get re-directed to the public homepage or settings page before.
  5. We changed the time filter so it is now a slider instead of a drop downdance-workout-filter
  6. You can now use filters in tablets and mobile devices
  7. Users whose accounts are suspended or cancelled have a way to reactivate their subscription
We are continually working to improve our site, babe. For any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email us [email protected].   Yours in Dance,   Charlene and the Team