Achieve the perfect butt with our easy booty workout with your fave gal, Nicole Steen! She incorporated fitness gliders to this workout to intensify the burn and trust me, you’ll feel it. How do I know? I’m in the video and girl, let me tell you, she takes booty workouts seriously! But if you’ve worked out with Nicole before, you know she’ll also make you laugh and inspire you because she is #bootygoals. ???

Why I Love This Booty Workout

I personally need to work on my booty. I want it to be tone and a little more defined, but I wanted a workout that was a little easier with big results. Luckily, Nicole has been in the booty game for a long time so she knew exactly what I needed. What I love about working out with gliders is that you really feel the burn even though the move is super simple. My fave part of the whole workout is when we do pulses. This is also the hardest part of the booty workout for me, but I felt the most satisfaction after completing the squat pulses! Let me know what your favorite move is in the comments after you do the workout.

Fitness Glider

When using fitness gliders, you only want half of your foot on the glider so that it’s easy to maneuver. It’s the perfect workout buddy because they’re portable, affordable and has minimal impact on your joints. If you don’t have a glider at home, you can use a soft towel or a furniture slider. These babies don’t just tone your booty, it also strengthens your thighs and legs! How awesome is that? I recommend getting gliders that work on all surfaces so you can take them wherever you go and work on those buns!  

1. Squat Circles

In a high squat, draw a circle with one foot and feel the burn baby, burn on the other! This move improves your balance and strengthens your legs and core.

2. Curtsy Lunge

Get a deep workout for your butt cheeks with this cute curtsy lunge move. The trick to this move is to squeeze your butt muscles every time you come out of the lunge. Challenge yourself and really get low to get the maximum burn.

3. Lateral Lunges

I just LOVE the look of this move. It reminds me of speed skaters in the Olympics. And just like them, the legs and buns get all the toning action. This has a little more impact than the squat circles and you can also do these in pulses to get more cardio in.

4. Reverse Lunges

Let your glider leg slide way back and use your standing legs hamstring and buttcheek bring you back to center. This move definitely takes up the most energy and we also do pulses for it. The pulses will definitely challenge you as it did for me, but like I said, the satisfying feeling is amazing.

5 Minute Booty Toning Using Fitness Gliders

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