Burlesque dance is one of my all time favorite class. It’s sexy, it’s unapologetic and you can add props too! I love how versatile it is and even the most subtle movement can make you feel so hot and so confident. Today, we’ll be discovering the fun of rope tricks with Erica. She’ll teach you all the fun you can do with one simple prop.

Burlesque Dance Tricks

What I love about watching burlesque dance tutorials are the slow and steady movements that make me feel very feminine. The slower your movement is, the sexier it gets and most dances aren’t like that. Add props to the choreo and you take it to another level! I’ve always wanted to learn how to use props in my dance classes and adding it to Burlesque makes perfect sense! Your body becomes a playground for your prop and you get to be creative with it too. Our gorgeous Burlesque Burn instructor, Erica, will teach us 3 tricks to try with a piece of rope. If you don’t have a rope, you can use a tie or a ribbon, use what you have at home. I’m excited for us to get creative, spicy and have some fun while burlesque dancing. We want to see your burlesque tricks on instagram! Use #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love.

Learn Your Burlesque Rope Tricks

1. Wrist wrap and unravel

This is the first trick you’ll learn in the video and my suggestion is to master unravelling the rope first before adding your choreography. The rope gets pretty tricky to unravel especially when you’re not looking at it, but if you practice it beforehand then you should have no problem getting it done.

2. Low and knotty

For this trick, always remember to keep your booty back. That means whether you’re staying high or going low to the ground, arch your back and keep that booty moving. See what over movements you can create with the rope while you’re staying low, play with the length, move it around and have fun with it.

3. Thigh burner

My tip for this move is to make sure the rope is not loose in your hands so you don’t accidentally trip. Once you’ve got the hang of stepping over the rope, play with your body movements and see what you’re most comfortable with.  

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