Give the gift that keeps on giving this Valentine’s Day with easy and sexy dance choreographies. It’s a great gift for you and your partner that will last a lifetime!

Sexy Dance Choreography For Valentine’s Day

Babes, whether or not you like celebrating Valentine’s Day, it’s always nice to do something fun and sexy for your partner. These dance choreographies can be used anytime and it will always make the night memorable.

I love being showered with gifts on Valentine’s Day, but I also like showing my partner how much I love him. I think performing a dance choreography is so powerful yet vulnerable. It takes a special kind of woman to own her sexuality and really show it off to her partner. I love the adrenaline that goes with it and of course the memories too. I’ve compiled some of the best sexy dance choreographies from YouTube below. Enjoy yourself babes.

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Burlesque Floor Dance Choreography

A little Burlesque can make a room extra hot. I love this dance choreography because it’s simple, but with the right attitude and fishnets, you’ll make jaws drop. My favorite move is the Goddess Legs because it makes me feel so tall and weightless.

Twerk Choreography

Valentine’s Day would not be complete without a twerk dance choreography! I love the Side Booty Pops because I get to look back at my booty. Share this dance with your partner or do it for yourself. You know your milkshake can’t be bought!

Easy Dance Choreography

I love this song and I think it’s such a romantic Bey song. This dance choreography is also super cute and romantic to show off for your partner. The chorus choreography is very playful and it gives you a little area to make it your own. Make Bey proud, babe.

Sultry Burlesque Choreography

Nothing says sexy dance choreography like dancing to Ginuwine’s Pony. It’s a classic song that everyone knows and you can make it even more memorable with a burlesque performance. My fave move is The Saddle because it’s sexy and powerful.

One On One Choreography

Lastly, let’s learn a little one on one action for your partner. All of these moves are so good to add a little spice to your relationship. Make this Valentine’s Day extra memorable for you and your partner with dance– the gift that keeps on giving.

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