A burpee is one of the best total body move you can add to your fitness routine. It turns your body into a moving fitness equipment and helps train to improve your muscles. BUT, it can be boring. To add some sass and some pizzaz, we’ve incorporated dance in the burpee so you can slay all day! PLUS, we’ve modified it for low, medium and high impact.

What Is A Burpee?

A burpee is a total body exercise used for strength training and aerobic exercises. How do you do a basic burpee?
  • Stand up straight then get into a squat position with your hands in front of you on the floor
  • Kick both feet back into a push up/plank position and drop your chest to the ground
  • Return your feet into a squat position
  • Finally, stand up from the squat position
  • Repeat
Burpees are awesome because they help boost your metabolism, tones your muscles and strengthens your core, chest and legs all at once. It’s a killer move, but it also has so many varieties that you won’t have a problem finding the burpee that’s right for you!

Hip Shake Dance Burpees

We want to make workouts fun so we created Hip Shake Burpees! What’s so different about them? Since we’re all about dancing, our burpees are mixed in with a dance move called The Wine ?(hip circles). This adds sass and will definitely add a smile to your face after working hard on that burpee, babe! We also created three different versions of the Hip Shake Burpee so whichever part of your fitness journey you’re in, there’s a perfect one for you. Check them out below!

Dance Burpee Special Tips

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re doing your hip shake dance burpees that will help you make the most out of this move.
  • keep your core tight – this will immediately give you better form
  • don’t forget to breathe – burpees are a full body exercise and require your full breathe
  • land on your heels from the push-up position – this will make the impact less

High Impact Dance Burpees

For my babes who want a challenge, this is a high impact version of the Hip Shake Dance Burpee. It’s a basic burpee plus a jump and Wine. This is a really great total body burn that will work your arms, legs, core and chest. Total win!

High Impact Burpees Front View

High Impact Burpees Side View

Medium Impact Dance Burpees

No jumps, no problem! Do our medium impact version and still get the same burn. I really love to add more Hip Circles/ The Wine to the medium impact burpees just to add more fun and make those burpees sexy ?

Medium Impact Burpees Front View

Medium Impact Burpees Side View

Low Impact Dance Burpees

If you have knee issues or just beginning to try burpees, do our low impact version. Ain’t no shame in your low impact game, girl! Instead of jumping to a plank, you step back one foot at a time. I promise, you will still feel the ?

Low Impact Burpees Front View

Low Impact Burpees Side View

I recommend, setting a time goal for yourself. Example, see how many Hip Shake Dance burpees you can do in 1 minute. Afterwards, try again at the end of the week. I bet you’ll start seeing that you will be able to get more dance burpees in with the same amount of time. It all takes practice babe! YOU got this. Let me know which version you’re starting with or which version is your favorite. And show off your burpees on social media by tagging #hipshaker on your posts!

Birthday Burpees

Is your birthday coming up? We have a fun birthday challenge on our Hip Shake Fitness Facebook Group! Post a video of yourself doing any version of the Hip Shake Burpee as many time as the age you’re turning ??. Our group is full of women just like you who will support you and keep you accountable through your fitness journey. Join our Facebook group here, babe!

Burpee Tracker

It only takes 1 minute a day and a total of 7 minutes a week. Track your progress with our Burpee Tracker and share it on instagram with #hipshaker!

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