Need some easy lower back pain exercises to ease that discomfort? You’re in luck, we’ve got Rachel, a licensed Physical Therapist to guide us through a few stretches that will improve your mobility and flexibility of your back muscles.

Lower Back Pain

Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve gained weight so I’ve had a to deal with a lot of lower back pain. It’s hard to focus at work and painful to walk when you’re dealing with pain on your back. I’m so thankful for our Stretch and Recover series with Rachel. She shows us exercises, foam rolling and stretching techniques that’s designed to keep you dancing and moving pain free. One of the most common body pain is back pain. We’ve all been there, it feels like someone is sitting on your lower back and you can’t do anything the rest of your day. Well babe, a simple stretch can do wonders for your body and we’re here to help. Stretching is an important part of working out your body, when you stretch you let your body breathe and warm up to any physical activity. I try to incorporate stretching in my morning routine so that I lessen my pain throughout the day. It’s also really good to do this after your workouts. I’m so excited to share with you some movements that Rachel has taught me. Not only will you stretch your back and hips, you’ll also feel a little taller and very relaxed! Let us know if you have other specific areas you want to stretch and recover on the comments below. Follow us on instagram to see new Stretch And Recover videos tag #hipshaker on your posts so we can give you some love ?

Lower Back Pain Relief

Single Knee To Chest

Flatten your back with a pelvic tilt then hug your knee to your chest. This is a simple stretch that doesn’t need any equipment and if you have any discomfort, you can also open up your knee to the side and stretch that way.

Figure 4

Loosen your hips with the Figure Four stretch. Your hips are attached to your back so you also need to stretch them to lessen the pressure in that area. The looser your hips feel, the better your lower back feels.

Child’s Pose With Reach

Bend your knees up to your hips about 90 degrees, palms together, open and reach back. This move stretches the top of your back and encourages your thoracic spine to open up. Don’t forget to breathe when you do these stretches, sometimes it will even make the stretch deeper and better.

Full Lower Back Pain Exercises

Get the full 15 minute lower back pain exercise with Rachel. I promise you babe you’ll feel so good after this and you’ll have a new appreciation for stretching!

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