Kaleila will teach us some sensual heels dance moves perfect for beginners. If you’re like me who’s a bit edgy but also very shy then this is the class for you! You will be working on your confidence, stance and learn to walk like a boss babe in no time! It brings out the queen in all of us. So grab your fave 5 inch heels and let’s start walking.

Easy Heels Tutorial for Beginners

This beginner heels dance tutorial will boost your self esteem and knock those insecurities out the window. Learn to walk with style, poise and boss it up with Kaleila. I’ve been a sneaker girl all my life but as I grew into the woman I am now, it’s a must to wear heels when I’m all dressed up. Learning to walk in stilettos is not an easy task, plus they hurt after a while. Learning to walk in heels correctly can help ease a bit of the pain. What I love about this heels tutorial is how it makes me feel so feminine. You can move fast or move slow but however the speed, you will still feel sexy and hot! Learning this beginner heels tutorial really gave me my confidence back. I feel more empowered and ready to strut my worries away!  

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Learn to Strut in Heels for Beginners

1. Hair Whips

With both legs apart, move your body down in a circular motion and whip your hair as you go up the other way. You can land your arms on each leg to add more oomph! Do this as much as you want until you are comfortable with the move.

2. Hip Swivels

This would be my personal favorite move. Push your hip side to side, up then down. I love how this move gives my hips and legs a burn. This is a sure way to tone your thighs. Keep repeating the motion until you get used to it. Sooner or later you’ll be hip swiveling your way through the dance floor!

3. Sexy Walk

This would be the easiest amongst the 3 moves. This one doesn’t need much, you just gotta walk it out from side to side, left to right and then back again. Of course put some attitude to it! Once you master this, you’ll be walking like the vixen goddess you are!

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