Hip hop dance moves have stood the test of time and often opened the window to other dance styles. I love this dance genre because it’s versatile, fun and it’s a total body workout.

Hip Hop Dance Moves We Love

Whether you’re an old school or new school hip hop head, we have moves that you’ll be able to master in no time. We’ve got choreographies from Montell Jordan to Beyoncé so you know we’ve got our hip hop dance moves a-z covered! If you see me on the dancefloor, you know you’re going to see some old school dances. I just love the way it flows with the beat of the song and how much of a social dance hip hop is. So today, we’re showing off our best hip hop choreographies and focusing on one specific hip hop dance move that you can add to your repertoire. If I had to choose, my favorite will always be Creep by TLC. I think Ashley did a really good job of bringing that CrazySexyCool vibe to the choreo and the costumes tied it up together nicely. You ready to get your hip hop on? I know I am! Want more hip hop moves? Old School Hip Hop is a nonstop dance party that will make you sweat and relive those good ol’ hip hop days with Ashley. Or you can try a flirty hip hop workout with Nicole and learn to channel your inner diva, hair flip and all. Get funky and learn new hip hop dance moves on our instagram or tag #hipshaker on your posts so we can give you some love ?

1. Slide

This is one of my go to moves, fo real! You probably do this all the time and don’t even know it. It’s a simple two step move and do whatever comes natural with your arms. Partner this with any song and you’ll be the hit on the dance floor! Checkout how we use this hip hop dance move on our This Is How We Do It choreography!

2. Beyoncé Bounce

I mean, everyone wants to be like Beyonce, am I right? So let’s get our diva on with some hip hop dance moves! This move is from her Baby Boy music video and the first time I saw that move, I knew I wanted to learn it. We’re using another Bey classic to show off this move, I get to be in Bey’s shoes, I’m totally in.

3. Body Roll To Butterfly

Ooh body rolls. This is another classic hip hop dance move. Once you learn the body roll, you’ll get a sense of appreciation for your whole body. The way I learned how to body roll is to imagine your trying to paint a wall with your body. So every inch of your body should touch that invisible wall in front of you.

4. Single Double Knee Lifts

The single, single, double is a good rhythm to learn for hip hop dance and other styles. It works with every beat and you can add it to any choreography. It’s a fun move that works your legs and your arms and you can add your own spice to it by making it faster or slower and keeping it at a single!

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