Want to learn some basic twerk moves? You’re in the right place, babe. Twerking is not only fun, it’s also a great workout! It works your legs, core and of course, that booty. So let’s get twerking.

Basic Twerk

Hands on the thighs and pop that butt UP. Think about it as your butt trying to reach your head so there’s a little back arch action happening to achieve the basic twerk. This engages your legs and lower back muscles so keep practicing and you can do it as slow or as fast as you want to!

Knee In Twerk

Your buns and your thighs will burn if you keep repeating this move. Squat and add a knee in one at a time and stand back up. Really dip that knee in and let that butt jiggle behind you. You can challenge yourself by going as low as you can and as long as you can.

Shakey Leg

The rule of twerking is let that booty go and this move is no exception to the rule. Push your hip down while raising your leg up. This move engages the core and the legs and of course, don’t forget the Diva Snaps to increase that confidence!

Learn How To Twerk In 5 Minutes

We got all these moves from our 5 minute twerk sesh. Check it out here.

Learn More Twerk Moves

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