It’s an ab day, baby! Everyone wants to work on abs and it’s always hard to work on those ab muscles. Sometimes you feel like whatever you do they’re just not budging you know what I mean?  Well I’ve got 2 secret weapons that will make ab workouts not only intense but also fun. Secret weapon # 1 is your booty babe Nicole Steen. Secret weapon #2 is glider discs.

Glider Discs For Abs

The first time I stepped foot on glider discs, I was shook!  I couldn’t believe how much more work my body was getting just by adding these little discs to my workout. BTW you can grab my fave gliding discs HERE. What I love about glider discs is that it enhances my workout and improves my range of motion.  The toning you get with gliders is just amazing. Plus, you can’t really moves without gliders. I also like that the moves are pretty low impact.

Gliders opens up a whole new library of core exercises. If you’ve overused your regular push ups and sit ups, add these little discs of wonder and you’ll up your ab workout game. The workout below was so much fun and I tried my best to keep up with Nicole. If you don’t have glider discs and want to try it out first before you buy, use a towel or furniture sliders so you can sample a different type of workout and motion. We’re excited for you to try our 5 minute glider workout below! We’ve also broken down some of the moves for you. Show off your glider game on Instagram and use #hipshaker for we can give you some love ? BTW – don’t forget to also checkout our Easy Booty Toning Workout Using Fitness Gliders

1. Mountain Climbers

Without gliders, my knees hurt when I do Mountain Climbers. I was so happy when I could just slide my leg forward and back with no impact to my feet. My core was engaged like crazy and I’m back to loving Mountain Climbers again.

2. Sit Up Twist

This ain’t your average Sit Up babe. Being able to slide your feet in towards you while you do a Sit Up is a game changer. This move engages your lower abs alongside your upper abs so it’s a full ab party here!

3. Side Plank Kick Through

This is the most challenging move I’ve done with Nicole to date. If you thought planks couldn’t get more intense, oh are you in for a treat! The Side Plank Kick Through is a FULL body move that will leave you speechless, but the gliders make it fun and for me it made me want to really get this move down because I know it’ll tone me in the long run.

Buy our fave Glider Discs HERE

5 Minute Ab Workout Using Gliders

Check out our 5 minute Core Toning Workout using gliders below. You can get the full 15 minute workout when you sign up to be a member of our online dance studio!

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