Dancing can make you feel young. These beautiful ladies feel like a million bucks just doing their thing! Get inspired to move and learn the lesson that age is NOTHING but a dang number. I assure you that by the end of this article, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Dance Just Like Grandma… in Italy

Street musicians love it when their audience reacts positively to their music. But I think this encounter is a little bit more special than others. She looks like a little kid enjoying her time dancing away. It’s just so refreshing to see.

Check out Runaround Sue’s Dance Moves

This 88 years young lady could not help but move to her favorite jam. Just like you and I, when your song comes on, you HAVE to dance. Do watch this video ’til the end for major grandma adorableness!

Swing Dance Legend

Jean Veloz is one of the greatest swing dancers in the universe. She’s appeared in several Hollywood movies in the 1940’s and to this day, at 92, still dances like she did back then!

Dancing is More Fun in the Philippines

This viral sensation is Lola (means grandma in Tagalog) Angelisa. Dancing is a vital part of social gatherings in the Philippines and it starts from a very young age and clearly, never stops. With her hip pigtails and basketball jersey, Lola Angelisa is truly an inspiration to all ages.

Grandma is Usher’s Number 1 Fan

Set in her kitchen and using a chair for her routine, this grandma knows how to make a 90’s R&B music video. Even without the background and the props, her dance moves and attitude are beyond lit! I’ve watched this video so many times and I still can’t pick my jaw up from the floor.

Salsa Dancing Grandma for the Win

Of course, we can’t have a compilation about amazing grandma dancers without Paddy! She’s brought tears and joy and awe all from her dance routines. She is also the current Guinness World Record holder for Oldest Acrobatic Salsa Dancer. It’s truly amazing to see how passion can drive a person, no matter what age.