I call the beach my home and a definite California perk for this Cali girl. So I take my total body workouts to the beach whenever I can. But of course, as the cooler weather comes in, it gets too chilly to workout at the beach. Luckily, you can still feel like a beach body and workout in the sand without leaving your home!

Beach Workout For A Killer Body

The beach is my second home. It makes me feel at peace and one with nature when I sit out on the sand and just breathe. So it only made sense to workout on the beach too. I admit, working out with sand is no easy task because it gets EVERYWHERE, but it’s totally worth it. I get a workout, a tan and I can just jump in the water after, how awesome is that? There’s also benefits when you workout on the sand. It’s not just about the amazing view that you get, it’s also about the muscles that you can train while you’re on the sand. A beach workout is best when barefoot because feeling the sand on your feet is therapeutic so it calms your mind. Also, since the sand at the beach is uneven, the stabilizers on our feet works harder and helps improve balance. Sand also acts as resistance so our body works harder during a workout. You ever realize how much more work it is to walk to the perfect spot on the beach than the boardwalk? My favorite benefit to beach workouts is that it has less impact on your joints. My knees start to hurt when I’m working out on hard surfaces for a long time, even with a yoga mat, so being able to workout without any stress on my joints makes me love beach workouts even more! Itching to go workout at the beach, but you’re nowhere close? Check out my fave workouts that we shot at the beach and get your tan and tone on anywhere you are! Have you ever worked out on the beach? Which is your fave beach, babe? Show it off on Instagram with #hipshaker so I can give you some love.

Total Body Beach Workouts

Get that killer body with our beach workouts from Diane & Nicole. We’re toning and dancing at the beach and I hope you can join us.

5 Minute Barre Core Exercise At The Beach

We’re working that core baby! In just 5 minutes, you’ll go through planks with tucks and hip dips, push ups and more. This is honestly the longest 5 minute of your fitness life, but it’s so worth the burn.

15 Minute Booty Workout With Resistance Bands For That Beach Body

Fire up that booty gains because Nicole will work your glutes like no other. I love using resistance bands because they’re so tiny but mighty. You also feel muscles working that you didn’t know you had because these bands work those areas that you usually don’t pay attention to.

5 Minute Lower Body Workout With Resistance Bands On The Beach

This barre inspired lower body workout by Diane is great because it sculpts not only the buns but also strengthens the legs. She really makes you move across your mat to engage every part of your body. Even if we’re not focusing on the arms, keeping it pressed on your chest makes it work!

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