Besties who do dance workout videos together stay together. I’ve got the fiercest dance classes that you and your best babes can take anytime, anywhere. So grab your BFF and let’s dance!

Dance Workout Video Babes

I love finding new dance workouts to save to my playlist on YouTube. It’s so easy to access and there’s a great selection out there. I want to focus on workouts that will make you and your besties even more fierce like twerking classes, kpop and even dance-based martial arts. dance workout videos besties My besties and I love to dance so whenever we hang out we try to add a little dance party somewhere in there. If you’ve never tried a dance class with your bestie then you’re missing out. It’s so fun to see them slay choreography or learn moves that they never thought they could do. Plus, if you and your BFF live far away from each other, you can still dance together via YouTube videos and zoom. It’s a great way to bond and get a good sweat in. Checkout the fierce classes I compiled below and send it to your best babes.

We want to see you and your besties groovin it. So show off your move on instagram and use #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love.

Twerk Workout Video

Friends don’t let friends twerk alone. So try this beginners twerk tutorial with Nicole and discover what a booty shaking class can do for you. It works out your legs, back, core and of course your booty while having the best time. It’s a win win for everyone.

Kpop Workout Stan

Get your girls together and become a super kpop group right at home. Learn moves that come straight out of popular kpop music videos with Ally and turn them into your fitness routine. Work on your coordination while staying fierce and femme.

Capoeira For Beginners

I’ve met a lot of my girlfriends from taking Capoeira classes in Los Angeles. So I’m excited to bring one of our baddie maestras, Pavao, to our online studio. Learn the basic moves for Capoeira and live your best warrior life.

Heels Dance Workout Video

Those heels are made for dancing and Kaleila will show you how to amp it up. These moves are perfect for gal pals so you all can take it to the club or party and show off your moves. Improve your strength and balance with this class.

Burlesque Dance Routine

There’s no other perfect combo than besties, burlesque and Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings. It was made for BFF’s all over the world. Erica has created this routine that will make you feel sexy, flawless and goddesses. So go off babes.

More Dance Workout Videos At Home

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