Dance workout programs are a great way to help reach specific goals faster. We’ve curated our classes into 2-3 week programs to help you in your fitness journey!

Fitness Programs Made For You

I know it can be difficult to figure out where to start when you have over 300 workouts to choose from in our platform. We don’t want you to be lost babe, we want you to first focus on a goal and then we’ll help you with the rest. Our programs range from beginner friendly to choreography focused to booty only classes. When we created our fitness programs we only had one person in mind– you. These programs are customized to help you reach your fitness goals. Not only do we curate classes, we also add yummy low carb recipes and activities that balances out the program. Everyone’s journey is different and that’s why we add more programs each year to our platform. Let us know which program you’re doing on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love.

Add New Dance Steps:

For the dancers, we’ve got programs that will add more moves to your repertoire. Beginner Hipshaker is great because you get to try a lot of different dance types that we offer. online dance workout program

Improve Your Cardio & Endurance:

Are you looking to add more cardio and improve your endurance? These programs mixes cardio workouts like Dancehall Jam with sculpting using different sets of equipments. These programs will really make you sweat, but you’ll be able to take on the world after. online dance workout program cardio

Strengthen and Tone:

Is there a specific body part that you want to sculpt or strengthen? We’ve got programs that will help with core or booty and your whole body. One of my favorites is Booty Boot Camp because you get to twerk and sculpt your glutes. online dance workout program strength

Try One Of Our Online Dance Fitness Programs Today

Don’t know where to start? Beginner Hip Shaker is always a good one. Check out our other programs in studio and get inspired today. All our online dance workout programs are available to you, on demand, now! beginner dance workout program graphic

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