We all need a little inspiration in our life, right? For me, I’m inspired by this tribe and of course, our dance fitness instructors. They’re the glue to this tribe and they are some of my favorite people inside and outside the studio.

Dance Fitness Inspiration

Dance inspires me to get into my creative side, forget about my problems for the day and just feel my body. To me dance is such a positive experience and I’m so grateful to have this community to share this experience with virtually and in real life. I have gone to so many dance studios in LA and tried so many different classes. I’ve picked the best dance fitness instructors to join our studio! One of the things that I really look for is positivity. I want to make sure you babes get instructors that motivate you instead of make you feel bad about yourself. In my experience, ALL our instructors, allow you to feel like YOU are fierce, YOU are gorgeous, YOU are beautiful – because you are!!! PLUS, they’ve all been training on their craft for years! I’m grateful I get to bring all these power babes to your home. Our dance fitness classes are available online, 24/7, 365 days a year. We are the first virtual dance studio making dance classes accessible and to inspire boss babes like you. Check out new workouts on our instagram and tag #hipshaker on your posts so we can give you some love ?

Queen Of Burlesque Burn, Erica

What inspires me? How about what doesn’t inspire me?! From pulling my truck over on a coastal highway that induces daydreams backed by happy beats booming from my speakers to laughing at myself for wanting to tell my four-year students to “stop laughing” when I’m trying to teach them some “serious” ballet, I find inspiration here in being content and being a little silly.

From instructing women through an hour of sweat and physical challenges to actually letting them inspire me, I find myself ALWAYS feeling the power we all share in the same space for that hour.  It is such a special place and time to exist, to feel the love and support of the queens who are beautiful completely individually, yet completely unitedly. This is what seeps into my creative process and moreover, my reason- no, my need to create something for the queen masses! @16mermaids

Erica’s Burlesque Burn classes are available for you on the dance studio when you JOIN NOW

Blissful Barre Babe, Diane

I am inspired by emotionally moving music – my latest obsession is Dennis Lloyd and his song “Nevermind.” I have been using it for stretching both physically and mentally to be a better person. I applaud everyone who struggles to keep motivated. I honestly struggle myself sometimes to keep on track and when I’m not getting enough sleep it makes it so hard to get going. I have this shirt I wear when I need some addition inspo “Woman Up!” When I wear it, you know something is up. It’s not like we as humans can ever find our balance and be done. We just got to keep working on it! #womanup @dianenumark

Diane’s Blissful Barre classes are available for you on the dance studio when you JOIN NOW

Ooh La La LA Latin, Matt

I have to say the journey that we all go through gives me inspiration both to teach and dance myself. As a professional ballroom dancer I try to push myself to see what I can learn and how I can grow. The journey may be tough but giving it your all is the only way to live and love dance! Even with my students, I have seen so many achieve goals they never thought they would ever do. I’ve see them break down barriers and smile with tears in their eyes. That is inspirational. I had one student say to me, after a showcase that we had to re-choreograph due to a back injury, she said, “We do it because we can!” I welled up at that moment because it is so true. I have never forgot that.
Inspiration for choreo, if it’s for fitness I always start with fun. Will people have fun doing this move. Will they feel they can express themselves. I always tell my students the main goal is to have fun and sweat. Just keep moving and trying. If I am choreographing a showcase piece, then it is story first. What am I trying to say with each move. What should the audience feel during the piece, what should they leave with. That is inspirational because you can create and really bring a story to life. @matt.mancuso1
Matt’s LA Latin classes are available for you on the dance studio when you JOIN NOW

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