Rebounder trampoline exercises are all the rage! I never realized how many babes have trampolines at home and I’m so excited to get my jump on too.

Rebounder aka Mini Trampoline

I just got my rebounder aka mini trampoline and I’m so hyped! I love that I can bounce around at home even during my pregnancy. Trampoline workouts are low impact but can still give you good cardio. rebounder trampoline workout I’ve always wanted a trampoline when I was younger and now I’ve fulfilled that dream with a mini trampoline AND it’s foldable! What I love most about rebounder workouts is that there’s so much you can do and it doesn’t hurt your joints. Did you know that 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of running? That’s right, it’s perfect because running is so not for me, but this will make me want to actually get a fun workout in. Don’t have a trampoline? Check out the foldable trampoline I got? It’s available on Amazon here. Ready to jump? I’ve compiled free workouts from YouTube that you can try!

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Beginner Rebounder Exercise

This is a great beginner trampoline workout because it doesn’t have a lot of choreography, but it goes through a lot of basic moves on the trampoline. So this is really good for a first trial workout on your brand new trampoline.

Bounce To Lady Gaga

Now let’s have some fun on the trampoline. Nothing is better than bouncing to your favorite songs. I love this Lady Gaga mix because it’s so powerful and it just makes me feel good. Plus, we’re on the beach, wind in our hair, loving this workout. Diane picked some great songs and created great combos for this rebounder trampoline workout.

Strength From Rebounder Trampoline

This BeFit workout is a combination of trampoline and strength circuit. Fayth will guide you through several rebounder exercises and then step off and use the trampoline for strength moves like push ups and bouncing planks.

20 Min Rebounder Trampoline Video

I saw this workout and listened to Sidney’s mix and loved it. She’s got an infectious energy and her moves will get your heart rate up, quickly. I didn’t think I could last 20 minutes, but I did it! The side to side jumps will really get your legs burning and you’ll be so proud of yourself after.

Rebounder To J.Lo’s Hits

Another diva that we love jumping to is Jennifer Lopez. Diane’s choreography is sooo seamless and it’s just obvious that she loves what she does. It takes a few practice to flow as easily as Diane does, but I promise you it’s so worth it. I love the tick tock move and the arm snake. Who knew you could do so much choreography on a trampoline.

Rebounder Trampoline Workouts At Home

Get your jump on with our trampoline workout and Diane. She’s combining a fun cardio class with a little strength training all on a mini trampoline. Get unlimited access to all of our dance workout classes in our studio today. That’s fierce and feminine dance classes available for you online anytime anywhere. Join now and get your 15 days free trial. rebounder trampoline instructor

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