Old school hip-hop dance fills me with an exhilarating sense of nostalgia. Its infectious beats and fluid movements transport me to a bygone era, igniting a surge of energy, making me feel alive. Each groove and break brings a rush of freedom and self-expression, reminding me of the raw authentic roots of hip-hop culture. hip hop dance moves closer look Where my hip hop heads at? Ashley is teaching you some Old School Hip Hop dance moves that will make you nostalgic. You’ll satisfy your Old School craving and get a great workout too. We’re highlighting three of the moves that you’ll find in the 30 minute hip hop dance tutorial to get your hyped.

The Prep

The Prep is a hip hop dance move from the 80’s that’s super easy to do and it’s super fun to bust out at parties. To do the prep, take a step to one side and point your fingers with palms flat facing upwards. This is just one variation of this move so try to add your own flavor to it too.

The Bump

This hip hop dance class move is good at racing your heart rate up. For our low modification babes out there, take out the jump and you’ll still be doing The Bump. To do this move you have to lift one leg up and bounce with your standing leg. You’ll also activate your abs while doing this move.


This is a classic Old School hip hop dance move and yes it is named after the movie. The Robocop starts with box arms and knees bent. Then tilt and straighten your arms to one side then repeat. For your knees, let it do a soft bounce while your arms tilt and you’ll be doing the Robocop in no time. Try to go high then low if you can.

30 Min Hip Hop Dance Moves Tutorial

This 30 min Old School Hip Hop dance class workout with Ashley will make you nostalgic and give you a great cardio workout too. You don’t need any equipment for this, but if you want to dress up for the part make sure to snap a pic! Post it on social and tag us @hipshakefitness. Happy dancing.

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