We all have different paths and journeys to different goals and I want to share with you one habit that has completely changed my life! Having a journal for goal setting  has helped me become more mindful and productive in all aspects of my life.

Why A Journal for Goal Setting?

The purpose of a having a journal for goal setting is to get clear on what you want to achieve and focus on them. It’s a great way to declutter your life. Have you been feeling overwhelmed with work, social events, family events, etc? This type of journaling will help you figure out priorities and where to start on your tasks. I started a bullet journal recently and found it helpful in setting goals and keeping myself accountable. I’m not going to go deep into that, what I wanted to talk about was 2 things that are part of a bullet journal that everyone can use to increase their efficiency and positive attitude. The first one is called a Habit Tracker and the next is called a Daily Gratitude practice. These two things have helped tremendously with my state of happiness and productivity. And I hope it helps you as well!

Habit Tracker

Did you know that it takes 21 days to develop a habit? Whether it’s making it a habit to workout everyday or spread kindness everyday, it’s easier when you can keep track of it. I found that become more determined to finish a task when I have it written down and I get to check it off the list after. You actually release a little bit of dopamine when you check off a task on your to-do list! What are you going to start making a habit of in the next month? Print out this FREE Habit Tracker and get started today!

Daily Gratitude List

This journaling technique helps when you’re having a bad day or week because it helps you think about the bigger picture and search for the good things that got lost in bad vibes. Even the smallest tokens of gratitude can help brighten a really bad day. For example, petting this really cute dog in the neighborhood, when you think about that experience you get transported back to how good you felt in that moment. Want to give it a try? Print out this FREE Daily Gratitude List today. Are you ready to crush those goals and get happy? I know I am! Don’t forget to put down time for self-care on your journal too, babe. It will make a big difference. Let me know how your journals go on the comments below. Happy goal-setting!