I love Havana by Camila Cabello. Everytime I hear it, I just want to drop everything and dance. So I’m super excited that we now have a Havana dance choreography by Ashley. It’s strong, it’s sexy, it’s fierce! Come join us in Havana and I promise, you’re going to want to do this dance over and over again.

Havana Strong and Sexy Dance Choreography

My 3 Fave Moves:

1. Basic Salsa Move

The very beginning of the Havana dance choreography makes you feel like you’re in the Tropicana dance club in Cuba. This is where you can also explore your sensuality as a dancer. Explore your body as you move through the music with Ashley leading the way. It’s just you and the music so dance away, babe.

2. Hip Turns

Here’s another move where you can show off your sexy side. Have fun with this and shake your hips and like Ashley says, don’t be afraid to look back at it and show off what you’ve got! I’m still a little shy about showing off my sexiness, but when I do this dance choreography at home, I really feel myself and think, “Damn, that’s me”.

3. Push Out

I love that there’s a little bit of a hip hop break in Havana, so Ashley added a little hip hop dance flavor to the choreo. This is a pretty classic hip hop groove with a single, single, double step pattern. You know I love me some hip hop, it makes me feel empowered and fierce. Even just this simple push out move empowers me to push out the stress and negativity!   If you don’t get the step right the first time, don’t worry babe, just hit that replay button and keep dancing! We love dancing and love sharing it with everyone so we want you to have fun and get an awesome workout.

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