Learn hip hop dance classes this summer in the comfort of your own home. I’ve got some fierce babes ready to teach you your fave moves for the summer.

Hip Hop In The Summer

Forget hot girl summer, I’m ready for hip hop girl summer! Summertime is the best season to get your hip hop dance on. So bust out your crop top, sneakers and snapback hat, we’re doing dancing bb.
hip hop dance class

Flirty Hip Hop Pose: standing: Leslie, Nicole and Solange. kneeling: Anne, Cha, Melissa and Candice

Today, we’re learning some hip hop moves from the fiercest queens in Los Angeles. What I love the most about taking a class with women instructors is that I feel like I can be myself. Whether it’s an in person or virtual dance class, there’s something about a sisterhood that helps me let loose. And hip hop is the style that always brings out the best in me. I feel like I can add my flavor to it and the more sass I give, the better the moves look. So let’s take some classes together and I know you’ll embrace hip hop girl summer too.

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Basic Hip Hop Dance Tutorial

Let’s start with a basic tutorial with Nicole and in this class a diva attitude is required babe. Nicole will breakdown a quick combo of walks, jumps and hip rolls. You’ll feel so flirty, fierce and you’ll get your heart rate up too.

Nostalgia Class

I’m a 90’s hip hop chick through and through. TLC’s Creep is a classic and our girl, Ashley, created this super fun and super nostalgic routine. We’ll be doing box steps, butterflies, kicks so get your baggy pants and snapbacks ready.

New Age Of Hip Hop

Where my Kpop stans at?? The new era of hip hop can be seen throughout Korean pop and I am living for it. Ally will help you get started by teaching you some basic kpop moves. Hip rocks and hip rolls are in and you’re the star babe.

Twerk Is Hip Hop

Twerking has been a big part of the hip hop movement for a very long time. So shake what your mama gave you with Nicole and learn this routine to Thotiana with us. My fave move is the push up twerk and I can’t wait for you to learn it too.

Hip Hop Dancing At Home

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