There’s nothing like a good hip hop dance move to make your day better! Getting that hip hop groove just makes me so happy and if I get a good workout with it too, that’s a win win.

Hip Hop Dance Moves

A good hip hop dance move brightens your day and adds a pep to your step. Some of my favorites include The Humpty Dance, any two step variation and probably the Tootsie Roll! I still love learning new hip hop dance moves from online videos, music videos or live classes. There’s just something so therapeutic about hip hop that I almost get lost when I dance it. I love being able to express femininity, jaggedness and fluidity at the same time and hip hop dance moves do that for me. I’ve compiled videos from YouTube that will get you in that hip hop mood from new songs to classic songs and workouts that use hip hop dance moves to tone you up! Be part of our community and show off your hip hop dance moves on instagram. Make sure you use #hipshaker and tag @hipshakefitness so we can give you some love, G ?

Warm Up To Old School Hip Hop Dance Moves

Let’s start with some classic hip hop dance moves for a little warm up shall we? I love classic hip hop dance moves because most people already know them and then each person can add their own personality to it. Of course, my favorite out of these is The Humpty Dance, you can’t not dance to it when it comes up! It’s a simple jump and swaying your hips up and down. Your hands can go wherever they feel like going. The Humpty Dance will always be my go to old school hip hop dance move because it’s timeless and works your total body.

Your Inner Hip Hop Dance Move Bey

Where’s my Bey army at? This one is a total banger right from the beginning. This is a fierce song and it needs fierce hip hop dance moves which Nicole is serving. When I do this choreography, I feel like I’m part of Beyonce’s backup dancer crew especially when we do the twerk sequence. Release your inner Beyoncé with the Baby Boy dance move. You’ve seen it in her performances, now you get to do it at home. It’s all about the confidence in your booty pop babe so make B proud.

Hip Hop Fit With Mike

I’m lucky enough to be in the same city that Mike teaches Hip Hop Fit and I can tell you first hand that he is one of the best hip hop instructors out there. When I can’t make it to his classes, I turn to YouTube and do his at home workouts. He might be pushing you, but seeing his big bright smile will motivate you to work harder! My fave moves from this series are all the knee raises. There’s nothing more hip hop than a good knee movement. Reminds me of every 80’s music video that I LOVE.

Creep Hip Hop Dance Choreography

Old school dance moves are the very best and TLC knew how to get down. Ashley created a classic choreography that will make you miss the 90’s. I love how she incorporates fave moves from the past and really make it gel with this song. Let’s get into The Creep shall we? It’s essentially The Butterfly or The Tootsie Roll but with more attitude. Plus checkout Ashley’s pants, if that doesn’t scream 90’s, I don’t know what does!

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