Are you a laid back VSCO girl looking for classic hip hop moves? I’ve compiled the best hip hop moves from the 90’s that will compliment your awesome oversized sweaters!

Hip Hop Moves For VSCO Girls

I think hip hop dance moves works best for a VSCO girl. These moves are well known by everyone and it won’t cramp your comfy lifestyle. You can do them in high tops or your Birkenstocks, babe.

Every VSCO girl should have at least one move that she can go to when that record button is hit. Hip hop moves are perfect because you don’t have to put your clear backpack down or tie your hair up with your scrunchie, add your own flavor to it and make it yours. I’ve compiled some of the best hip hop dance moves around and one of my favorites– The Humpty Dance, made the list too! VSCO girls will be able to show off these moves on the ‘gram and will get all the hearts and views. Show off your hip hop moves on instagram and use #hipshaker and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

The Humpty Dance

We’ll start with my favorite hip hop move, The Humpty Dance. I think Humpty Hump would totally dig VSCO girls, he loves wearing big ol’ sweaters too. This move is a classic and it actually works out your legs too because you stay in a squat position after jumping.

Roger Rabbit Hip Hop Move

Let’s be real, this is where The Shoot originated from. I think we need a VSCO girl to bring this back into the universe. This moves takes up a lot of energy, but it’s also super fun and you’ll wow the crowd with it. The important part to master are the legs, you can do anything with your arms.

The Butterfly

This is the perfect move for your baggy shirts because you get to show off your legs, babes. Dance like the beautiful butterfly you truly are with this hip hop move. You can make it edgier by squatting down lower or slowing down the leg movement. This move is great with any song, new or old.

The Tootsee Roll Hip Hop Move

Do the Tootsee Roll while eating a Tootsie Roll. This hip hop move is actually NOT inspired by the candy, it came from the song by the 69 Boyz. It’s similar to The Butterfly but without bending your torso forward. It’s a really fun move to do with your girlfriends and to get the crowd hyped!

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