Want to know what our members are dancing to at home? Here’s our top 3 most played dance workouts for the month of June!

#3 Tone N Twerk: Twerking 101

OK I confess, THIS is my fave workout as well! The twerk dance just doesn’t come naturally for me. I’m sure some of you girls know what I mean. BUT it’s OK because no one’s watching!

#2 Old School Hip Hop: Running Woman

Heyyyy! We’ve got a bunch of Old School Hip Hop lovers in the house. Seriously, who can resist the cabbage patch or the humpty dance? I can’t!

#1 Afrovibeā„¢: Cardio & Abs Day

You guys clearly love a challenge. Afrovibeā„¢ LV 2 FTW! We would like to crown Zen as our June dance queen. Those chest rolls still hurt the next day. #dropandgivemezen

Did your fave make the cut?

There you have it, our top 3 dance workouts for the month of June! Want to see all the other dance workouts available on-demand through our site? Go get your 15 day free trial today, you’ve got nothing to lose!