Twerk dancing is now part of my fitness routine because it makes me strong, sexy and it’s the most fun form of exercise out there. You see a lot of regular stand up twerking but today we’re tackling the question how do you twerk on the floor?

How Do You Twerk On The Floor

When I started twerk classes, I didn’t know how many variations of the move there were. So I learned the basics and got a little more adventurous after some time. Little did I know that I’d be doing push-up twerks and more for the world to see. Learning how to twerk was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my fitness life. Twerk dancing  has made me feel confident and it has given me booty gains that I didn’t know I could have. Now mastering how to twerk on the floor is no small feat. You really need to practice a bunch of times and it will challenge your core, arms and legs. It is also very rewarding when you achieve your floor twerks because you get to say “I did that! My body is strong and I did that.” So go get your twerk on and put your booties up in the air like you just don’t care! Assemble your twerk team on instagram and use #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your twerk posts so we can give you some peaches

How To Push Up Twerk

This is one of my fave twerk moves and I was pregnant in this video! So if this mama can do it, so can you. Start with your feet shoulders width apart then take a downward dog position. Bend your knees and walk your hands out to a comfortable position where you can do a pushup. Try popping your booty first and then bend your elbows for that pushup. Try it slow first and get used to the motion then get loose and go fast!

Push Up Twerk With Booty Circles

Now that you’ve mastered the Push Up Twerk, let’s add a different kind of booty movement you can do with it. In this video, you’ll see the same push up movement, but instead of popping the butt up, you’ll be drawing circles. I like practicing the booty circles while standing first to get the motion down and then try it on the floor. It also helps to lift your heels up for a smoother circular booty motion.

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How To Twerk On All Fours

You’ll want to wear knee pads or pants for this twerking tutorial. Roxy will show you how to jiggle your booty while you’re on all fours. I love sliding the knees in and out to slam that booty down. This is definitely a thigh workout and don’t be afraid to let that booty jiggle babe. That’s what it’s supposed to do!

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