High heels dance classes are becoming more and more popular. If you’ve wanted to try one for yourself but you’re a little intimidated, we’ve got virtual classes that can help boost your confidence in heels.

High Heels Dance Classes

Discovering heels dance class for me was a game changer. Not only did I get to wear more of my fave high heels, but it also made me feel stronger and empowered. high heels dance crew I love learning sexy dance moves from a class, but it truly hits differently when you put on some high heels and dance. There’s something powerful about those stilettos and that power transfers to your whole body. I don’t know if it’s the extra lift or how amazing my calves look in high heels, but it gives me a confidence boost. This is one of the reasons why I love taking heels dance classes. You know, I wasn’t always confident in heels, my aunt had to teach me how to rock them in my 20’s. Now I can’t get enough of it and I look forward to rocking them in class. So grab your fave pair and take some beginner heels class with me and unleash the true powers of dancing in high heels.

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How To Dance In High Heels

If you’re a beginner, I advice starting with a kitten heel or square heeled boots. When you’re ready, work your way up to high heels babe. Start with this heels dance tutorial from Kaleila and learn basic moves like how to walk and how to turn in heels. I’ll be dancing with you in this tutorial so let’s get it babes.

15 Minute Heels Class

Now that you’ve learned some of the basics of heels dancing, let’s take a full class with Kaleila. You’ll start with a warm up and then she breaks down more moves that you can do in heels. You’ll learn a short routine and perform it at the end. Have so much fun with it and remember that you can always hit that pause and rewind button!

7 Moves To Try In High Heels

Can’t get enough of dancing in heels? We’ve got you covered. Here are 7 more moves that Kaleila will breakdown plus, she’ll teach you how to put them all together at the end. You’ll have so much material to use when you’re out dancing in heels that you’ll have to show em off.

High Heels Dance Class At Home

Try our heels dance class with Kaleila which starts with strength training to gain muscles and then learn moves that are perfect with high heels. Get unlimited access to all of our dance workout classes in our studio today. That’s fierce and feminine dance classes available for you online anytime anywhere. Join now and get your 15 days free trial. high heels dance trio

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