Learning how to twerk and whine is easy when you’ve got babes like Nicole and Zen! They’re two of our amazing instructors and they’ll teach you a thing or two about twerking your booty and whining your hips.

How To Twerk And Whine

Are you ready to twerk your booty and whine your hips? It take a little bit of practice to get your body used to it, but when you learn how to twerk and whine, you’ll be able to bust out these moves anywhere you go! I’m a big fan of twerk dance and whining because they are two moves that work on more than just one body part. Not only do you workout your glutes when you twerk, you also workout your legs and your back muscles. Whining not only works on your hips, but also works on your core and legs too. These are two versatile and fun moves that you can add to your fitness routine anytime. Turn on your fave jam and twerk it out or whine it down. So who’s ready to learn how to twerk and whine with us? Show off your twerk & whine on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

Basic Twerk

Let’s start with the basic twerk move. Everytime I watch this video, I’m reminded of my first twerk class with Nicole and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. Own your booty and be proud of it, then pop it up and try to reach the back of your head. Watch this tutorial as many times as you need and you’ll be a twerk queen too.

Present Whine

Whining your hips means hitting all directions with your hips. Adding the presentation means you have to add some arm movement. I know sometimes my brain explodes when I try to match movements with two body parts. The trick is to master one first and then add the second!

Up Down Twerk

This twerk move is the basic twerk but with levels. So if you’ve mastered the basic twerk above, the only thing you need to add is squatting up and down. Everytime you hit either your highest or lowest squat, pop your booty and then contract during the transition. Start slow and then hit that fast twerk bb.

Dirty Whine Squat

Want more squats? You got it. This is definitely a fun squat move if I’ve ever seen one. Essentially, you’ll be whining your hips as slow or as fast as you can and then adding a squat up and down. For this move, you will start where you’re comfortable in a squat and then go down as low as you can go.

How To Twerk And Whine Online Anytime, Anywhere

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