Learning how to twerk should be in everyone’s to try list at any age. It’s quite a challenge and it’s also a lot of fun. Today we’ll go through twerk moves that you can do standing up.

Learning How To Twerk

Learning how to twerk standing up is easier than ever. Now you can just hop on YouTube and search for twerking tutorials. I’ll do you one better and compile some of my favorite beginner twerk tutorials from Nicole Steen, our twerk class instructor.

how to twerk standing up

The most basic twerk moves are all standing in a standing squat so we’ll focus on those moves today. I remember taking my first twerk class with Nicole and thinking I have no idea what I’m getting myself into. Everyone in the class was having so much fun and getting a great workout that by the end I knew I needed to sign up for another. Once you’ve mastered a booty twerk workout, you can achieve anything! Like anything else, you gotta start from the beginning and work your way up or in this case… twerk your way down.

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1. How To Twerk 101

This video is taken from Nicole’s 101 twerk class and is a must for any beginner. In this video she’ll teach you how to do the Basic Twerk, Knee In and the Shaky Leg. My tip for you is to always go your own pace. Don’t do it fast if you’re not comfortable yet. You’ll get there soon enough.

2. More Basic Standing Twerk Moves

Ready to learn more basic standing twerk moves? This tutorial is all about the booty technique. Now you’ve got the stance and the motion in your body, you can focus more on controlling the way your booty moves. I love the Shuffle Twerk because it’s so much fun and it’s easier than you think.

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3. Twerk Workout For Everyone

One of my favorite workouts when I was pregnant was still Tone N Twerk. We even shot a few classes while I was pregnant and Nicole made sure that these moves are ok to do for a mama to be. You’re carrying another human being, you might as well have fun while doing it, babe!

4. Toning And Twerking Class

Now it’s not all about shaking that booty. You also have to keep your gluten strong and healthy. So I want to make sure that you learn moves that can help strengthen your lower body so you can twerk for as long as you want! It’s great to build those muscles and then loosen up with a twerk dance routine.

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