After working on Hip Shake Fitness for almost a year now, it has been a real roller coaster. I still can’t believe that what started as an idea in my head is now a reality. I am so grateful to have my life surrounded by dance AND to have been introduced to so many amazing people in this journey. I wanted to especially thank our users who gave us a chance and made us a part of their lives! Today (9/29/2016) we are launching our referral program and I wanted to make sure that it benefits our current subscribers and their dearest friends as much as possible.
Friends who dance together, stay together!
THE RULES are simple: When you refer a friend and they sign-up for a Hip Shake Fitness subscription, you will BOTH get a 30-day credit.

How Does The Invite Friends Program Work?

  1. You MUST be an active subscriber when you refer a friend and when your friend signs-up for our service
  2. Fill up our Invite A Friend Referral Form
  3. Your friend will receive an email with a custom code
  4. Once your friend signs up using the custom referral code they will get a 30-day free trial
  5. Once we verify your friends sign up, you will get the 30 day credit on your account
  6. We will email you when you receive your credit and let you know which of your friends have joined
You can refer as many friends as you want! There is no cap to the number of credits you will receive. Hip Shake Fitness LLC reserves the right to cancel or change any subscription / membership. Hip Shake Fitness LLC reserves the right to change the rules of this invite friends program in the future.