The first time I heard Jason Derulo’s Tip Toe, I was hooked. It was stuck in my head for weeks! He’s so good at making catchy and dancy tunes we just had to create a choreography for it. It only made sense to make a Tip Toe choreography that’s barre fitness because he talks about ballet, duh! Diane was on board right away and I can’t wait for you to try it today.

Tip Toe Choreography | Jason Derulo


My 3 Favorite Moves:

These are all moves from the chorus of our Tip Toe choreography.

1. Jump Lunge

I love the start of the chorus because it reminds me of Marionette dolls! When you pull your hand to go up, your legs close automatically. It’s so eye catching and dance magic! This is a jump with a step touch move that you’ll want to do so many times. Believe me, I could do this move all day.

2. Circle Walk

I don’t know what it is, but I love when my instructor adds a sassy walk to the routine. I think it’s because you can own it and breathe! You can also look around and checkout your environment and make sure you haven’t kicked anything off the coffee table (may or may not be from experience ?). And of course, the roll up at the end it also a great place to add a hair flip??

3. Isolation + Hip Circle

Another fun move and the last of my faves from our Tip Toe choreography is this shoulder isolation with hip circles. I love that in about 4 counts you get to move your upper and lower body while toning your glutes because you’re in a squat. And I just really love shoulder dancing so anytime I get to move my shoulders, I get giddy! Remember babe, if you don’t get the steps right the first time, don’t worry, just hit that replay button and keep dancing! We love dancing and love sharing it with everyone so we want you to have fun and get an awesome workout.

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