May is the month for MOM’s. We wanted to do something special for all our hard-working mom’s out there who sacrifice their me-time for their families. That’s where Kid Shake Fitness comes in– our newest dance workout series specially designed for parents and their kids to enjoy together!

Meet the kids and moms

Our very first group of dancers for Kid Shake Fitness are Isaiah and Nya and Jasmine and Tracy. We’re so fortunate to have these kids and their moms dancing with us. They’ve supported us from day one and we’re excited to share this dance floor with them.

Isaiah, Nya, Ashley, Jasmine and Tracy

Kid Shakers

Special shoutout to our little Hip Shakers; Isaiah and Jasmine! They were so fun to work with and they definitely got the moves down. Isaiah is our main dude for our Can’t Stop The Feeling Tutorial and he is definitely a star with his killer moves and acting chops! I was very impressed by Jasmine because at such a young age, she was able to stay in her respective spot for our 30 minute and 15 minute dance workouts! What a pro.

Isaiah and Nya share a hug during a take for Can’t Stop The Feeling

Sweet little dancer, Jasmine

Working with Kids

Kids are always fun to work with because they see everything with different eyes. They might not grasp the concept of “dance workouts” but they knew that their moms love it and that it was fun. These kids and moms love spending time together and what better way than having fun while exercising? Kind of like a two birds, one stone thing. Of course, what’s a behind the scenes without a little inside scoop? During our first shot of the day which was Can’t Stop The Feeling, the kiddies had a little help to keep their energies up. Anjali, our shoot manager, myself and Charlene, our boss lady, bounced, danced, jumped and smiled behind the cameras to keep our little Hip Shakers energized.

Our view behind the camera

Dance Workouts for Mom and Kids

Get active right at home with our on-demand dance workouts! Kid Shake Fitness is only one of about a dozen dance series in our library. Get a 15 day free trial today and get unlimited access to all of our workouts anytime, anywhere!