Growing up in the Philippines I was immersed in Asian pop culture and watched Sailor Moon and played Tekken. Now I’ve got a new obsession and it’s Kpop dance choreography. It’s sweeping the planet by storm and here are some choreos real fans should learn!

Learn Kpop Dance Choreography At Home

When I was younger, I would watch anime and see a choreographed dance number and try to learn it right away. It would be a lucky break if the same episode played the day after and I’d get to examine the choreography even more. Now I watch kpop music videos and try to learn their kpop dance choreography with the help of the replay function.

It’s great having YouTube as a main source of my kpop dance choreography because you can access so many of them in one click. It’s also great having an instructor that’s well versed with the latest kpop trends. Ally is our Kpop Dance Party instructor and with her help, you and I can learn new kpop dance choreographies and maybe even improve on our techniques. I love how kpop dance moves ranges from hip hop, jazz, disco and even waacking. All of these different dance styles combined makes for a fun and super playful choreography. Ally mixed her own interpretation of the moves with actual moves from the music videos in these tutorials. So you’ll get to learn legit kpop dance choreography and add your own flare to them too.

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Fan Girl To These Kpop Dance Choreography

I’ve lined up our finest kpop dance choreographies from Ally. We stan with her so hard because she always brings the fierceness and that femme goodness to her choreography.

K/DA POP/STARS League of Legends

Where my League Of Legend Champions at? This one’s for you! I love that they created a kpop group just for the game and just to get people to use these skins. I’m all for an animated kpop group if their moves are this fierce! Ally created a really ass kicking kpop dance choreography and she even breaks down the chorus in the beginning so you can really be part of the kpop krew.

BLACKPINK Ddu-Du Ddu-Du Choreography

Hit me with that Ddu-Du Ddu-Du babe! Omg, BLACKPINK are total goals. They can dance, they can sing, they can rap so sign me up! This kpop dance choreography is literally straight out of a music video so make sure you’ve got your outfit lined up because after you master this, you’re going to feel like a total star!

Twice Fancy Kpop Dance Tutorial

If you want a little more of a break down style tutorial, Ellen does a really good job of slowing down each move of the Twice choreography. The cool part about this tutorial is that she goes through the song in quarter speed, so you get to practice without it being full out right away.

BTS Mic Drop

OK, I’m totally obsessed with BTS and this song. It’s so catchy and it’s such a good hype song for anything you’re up against today. Combined with Ally’s choreography you’ll feel so badass without sacrificing feeling femme and fierce too. I’m so glad they’re going mainstream so more people can enjoy their music and discover other kpop groups too!

TXT Crown Advanced Kpop Dance Choreography

Want a little more of a challenge? Take this 30 minute class to learn the chorus to TXT’s Crown. It’s a little bit of hip hop and a lot of attitude. It’s just like being with the RPM dance crew, you go through a few moves at a time and then put them all together at the end. You’ll definitely be crowned QUEEN after learning this dance babe.

Try A Kpop Dance Choreography Online Anytime, Anywhere

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