Anyone that listens to Kpop knows who BIGBANG is. They’re one of the biggest boy bands in Asia and I’m so excited that we have a dance choreography to Bang Bang Bang now, courtesy of Ally and Kpop Dance Party.


BIGBANG from Wikipedia

If you’re not familiar with BIGBANG, they’re S. Korea’s biggest stars. They’re a boy band who sings, dances and acts. They put on very flashy concerts and have fans all over the world. Their tunes are very catchy even if you don’t speak Korean. And of course, they’re very fun to dance to.

One On One Dance Class

We switched it up a bit this time around and let Ally do her thing. It’s a little more intimate, a little more personal with only Ally in the video. She’s a great teacher because she compares the moves to regular activities or chores that you already do on a daily basis. She’s also full of energy and her choreography is fierce!

Kpop Dance Party BIGBANG Tutorial

Dance Like A Kpop Idol

Once you’ve mastered this amazing choreography, you’re ready to hit the stage and be a Kpop Idol to your friends and family. It was so fun to see Ally go all out while she danced to her choreo. You can see the passion and the love she has for her craft and it is infectious. It definitely made me want to dance more! Check her out below:

Kpop At Home

You can take home Ally and her kpop dance and take a class anytime! We always have a free trial available for you and over 10 dance workouts you can choose from. What are you waiting for? Let’s dance!