I’m so excited for you to meet one of our dance studio member today. See what it’s like to be part of our amazing dance community filled with empowering and dancing women from all over the world.

Dance Studio Member Shoutout

I love how much our dance community has grown throughout the years. I’m always so proud to see the sweaty selfies, dance videos and especially seeing the support these women have for one another. Kristen has been a member of our dance studio since February 2020 and ever since she joined she’s been so active on our threads and on her Instagram feed. She’s always game to try a new choreography and she kicked butt on our first ever fitness bingo challenge. Read all about her dance fitness journey and get inspired!

Kristen, Central IL

I live in Central IL with my husband and four fur babies (two dogs and two cats). I have a BA in English and work as an Admin Assistant / Proofreader for a local business. I took dance classes (tap was always my favorite) all throughout childhood and was a member of a local dance performance group from college on, until the group disbanded six years ago.

What inspired you to start your fitness journey?

I had always been active with my dance classes, and then when I stopped dancing initially, I realized I not only needed to take an interest in fitness for physical health reasons, but also for stress relief purposes. 

Why did you join Hip Shake Fitness?

I found Hip Shake Fitness through a Google search for dance workouts. I had grown tired of the programs I was using and was viewing workouts as chores, not as time to take for myself and my health. I had been taking a really fun dance class at a gym, but I wanted something dance-based that I could do from home that fit my needs and schedule.  I started searching for dance-based workouts, since I love dance, and found Hip Shake Fitness, and now I look forward to working out!

What’s your advice for someone starting their fitness journey?

As hard as it is for me to take my own advice, I’ve really learned to try not to negatively compare my journey to anyone else’s.  Also I love the idea that fitness is just that – a journey and not a destination. That’s always helped me on both bad days and good days. Also, I really encourage any Hip Shakers that are new to join in on the weekly accountability threads.  Those posts always really help me, and everyone always cheers each other on!
I’ve really learned to try not to negatively compare my journey to anyone else’s 

Why do you think Hip Shake Fitness is different from other online fitness subscription sites?

For me, there are a couple reasons:
  1.  There is a huge variety of different types of styles and classes available. There is truly something for everyone, and I don’t see how anyone could get bored! You could do a different class style each day of the week and still have more to try!
  2. The community. The community is truly different than other fitness based groups I’ve tried to be a part of. Charlene and Anne Marie have really set up a place where everyone is welcome and feels safe to share both their wins and struggles. The members are all there to help each other, and it’s clear that you guys truly care about all the members!

What’s your favorite dance class at HSF and why?

I have to pick Nicole’s Flirty Hip Hop classes! I may just be in the extra bedroom of my house, but with her choreo and energy, I feel like I’m performing on the stage!  There’s nothing I love more than doing the diva snap!  

How has HSF been helpful to your journey?

The accountability posts on the Facebook community page help me stay on track with my fitness goals. I have stayed more on track with HSF than I ever did prior to joining. Also, I love the recipes. I could never really get into healthy meal prepping before, it overwhelmed me (I’m not much of a cook). I decided to try meal prepping during one of the challenges, after seeing how good Charlene’s recipes and some of the other member’s groups meal prep pics look, and I discovered I actually enjoy eating healthy foods! 

What does being a member of the #hsfteam mean to you?

To me, it means giving and receiving support to and from the wonderful members of the HSF tribe.

Anything else you want to add?

I encourage anyone that may be on the fence about joining to just take the leap and give it a try! Joining HSF has been one of my best fitness-based choices I’ve ever made.

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