Christmas is the time to be merry, to celebrate and to dance! It’s always fun to get the family or the besties together and learn a Christmas dance choreography. Nothing like dancing to complete the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Dance Choreography

There’s something about Christmas that just makes everything better! Maybe it’s all the eggnog or that everyone is just a little bit happier during the holidays, but for my family Christmas dancing is a must. Here’s my mom, my sister and I dancing to All I Want For Christmas Is You a few years ago. Christmas dance choreography is a gift that keeps on giving. I think spending time together and learning a dance routine is a great way to bond during the holidays. I love creating memories with my friends and family and maybe record our dances and look back a couple of years later. So I’ve compiled 4 easy dance Christmas choreographies that you can learn with your loved ones. We’re going through classic songs that everyone in the family will enjoy! Be merry and dance with us through the holidays. Show off your moves on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love.

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You

Let’s start with the classic Christmas song by the queen Mariah Carey. All I want for Christmas is for my girls to dance this routine with me. We’ve gotten so many people doing this Christmas dance all over the world and we’d love to see your version too. I can’t get enough of fun hip hop dance classes like this full of Shaky Shakes and Grapevines.

2. Santa Baby Burlesque Dance

I know we’re all warm and cozy this holiday season so let’s warm things up even more with a burlesque dance class. This Christmas dance is hot and sexy and will teach you how to play with props. My favorite move from this routine is the Ribbon tease and as you can see, I’ve got a not so big surprise hiding in my robe. I loved feeling sexy during my pregnancy with Burlesque and this dance.

3. Mean Girls Jingle Bell Rock

Who doesn’t love the movie Mean Girls? This iconic Christmas dance choreography is naughty with a hint of nice and Mandy breaks it down nicely. I love all the hip swings in this routine and being in heels is a plus. So put on your heels and get your babes together for this fun routine.

4. Let It Snow

I know it doesn’t snow in Los Angeles but there’s nothing like a snowy Christmas. If we can’t have snow, we’ll just dance about it. Saskia created a fun and flirty Christmas dance and even got a pup involved in her video tutorial. I love the arm section of the routine and it’ll be super fun to do it with the family.

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