They say “Sisters who twerk together have the most fun”. Ok maybe they don’t say that but I did have a lot of fun learning a twerk dance move from my own sister. She loves to dance that she even studied it in college and now she’ll be breaking down classic moves so we can all learn and master it!

Twerk Dance For Beginners

I’ve been doing twerk dance classes for a few years now, but I still consider myself a beginner. I often browse through our beginner twerk dance workouts and I still learn something new every time. So when we decided to create a how to video for popular dances, we knew we had to include a classic twerk dance move. We looked through our Tone N Twerk library and found the Single Single Double Squat Twerk. Our instructors and dancers make it look so easy, but sometimes I need a little more breakdown to really get a dance move, you know? My sister, Anne Marie, is usually the first and last one on the dancefloor wherever she goes. This is her first time teaching so I was pretty excited to get twerk lessons from her since this is a different side of her that I’ve never seen! It’s pretty great having memories of dressing her up when she was little and recreating fashion shows with her and now to have her give me a tutorial on how to twerk. If someone told me 20 years ago that this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have believed them. Here’s a little behind the scenes secret: we filmed this with just us two so we had to frame our whole shot with only one person on camera and just prayed to the dance goddesses that we’ll both be in frame at the end of the segment. And it worked out. Woohoo! She did an awesome job explaining each part of this move and now I can use her twerk dance tutorial whenever my booty gets lost.

Anne Marie, Our Beginner How To Instructor

Help me welcome our how to beginner dance instructor and my sister, Anne Marie! She has a minor in dance and you can see her shaking her stuff all around the Los Angeles musical theatre scene. She’s going to break down more popular moves and you won’t want to miss it. Give her love and a follow on instagram, @anniesaurous and see what she’s up to! If there’s a move you want us to breakdown, leave a comment or give us a shoutout on Instagram with #hipshaker ??

1. Squat Twerk Dance

First part of this move is learning the squat twerk. Anne points out that your booty’s goal is to reach the back of your head. So pop that booty babes and practice. If you don’t get it right the first time, that’s ok, that’s what these tutorials are for.

2. Single Side Twerk

Now the next part of this move is learning the side twerk. This is similar to a regular twerk but now your booty and hips work together to pop to the side. Whichever side (left or right) you want to start from, just remember to swing your hips that way and your booty will follow ?

3. Single Single Double Squat Twerk

Now to put that all together and double it! Double squat twerk consists of doubling your twerk on one side. And it usually alternates from one side to the other. It’s like magic that it just works out that way.

Beginner Twerk Class

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