This twerk dance tutorial from Nicole is designed to get you moving and grooving! Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with dance, this five-minute twerk routine is perfect for everyone. So let’s dive right in and start shaking those hips!

Why Twerk Dance?

Twerking is a fun and empowering type of dance that can be used in workouts or in the club. It’s definitely become my go to move ever since I took my first twerk dance class with Nicole, our Tone N Twerk instructor. sexy twerk with nicole I think what I love the most about twerk dance is that it’s so unserious, but it’s still a fantastic workout. There’s no other dance class that will get me out of my comfort zone, but still have me feeling so elated and so in touch with my feminine side too. It’s really one of a kind and I’m so excited for you to try these moves out today. charlene instagram

Twerk Dance Moves To Learn For The Club

Nicole will teach you 3 twerk dance routines that you can add to your moves lists. I’m breaking down some of the moves below so if you need additional guidance from the video, you’ll have a list under the video. Enjoy!

The Basic Twerk Moves

1. Twerk and Roll: Start by tapping your legs and rolling them down. Repeat this movement a few times to get comfortable with it. 2. Booty Pop: Pop your booty out and then bring it back in. This move is all about isolating your hips and creating a strong, sharp movement. 3. Up and Down: Pop your booty out and then bring it back in. Repeat this movement several times, focusing on the up and down motion. 4. Speed It Up: Once you’ve got the hang of the basic moves, it’s time to speed things up. Get ready to take your twerking to the next level!

Advanced Twerk Moves

1. Slide and Pop: Slide to the side while popping your booty, then repeat on the other side. Don’t forget to keep your hips rolling as you move. 2. Tap and Pat: Tap your foot on the ground and pat your hips. This move adds some flair to your twerking routine. 3. Knee Up and Roll: Lift your knee and then roll your hips. This move adds a little extra challenge to your twerk dance. 4. Spank It: Give yourself a little spank to add some attitude to your twerk routine. This move will definitely make you feel empowered!

Twerk It All Together Now

Now that you’ve learned the basic and advanced twerk moves, let’s put them all together into a fun and energetic routine: 1. Start with the basic twerk moves: Tap and Roll, Booty Pop, and Up and Down. Repeat these moves a few times to get into the groove. 2. Move on to the advanced twerk moves: Slide and Pop, Tap and Pat, Knee Up and Roll, and Spank It. Feel free to add your own style and attitude to these moves. 3. Repeat the routine a few times to really get the hang of it. Don’t forget to have fun and let loose!

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