So you got the basics of Twerking down? Now what? Let’s work on that glute muscle and power! To make your workout more intense, we recommend fitness bands and you’ll see a big difference when you use them. Let’s get started!

Benefits of a Glutes Workout

Working out your glutes is important to make your twerking easier. When you do glute workouts, especially with fitness bands, you tighten up your hip abductor muscles which in turn tones your butt. This workout also benefits your legs, they get stronger and improves your balance. The best part is that you feel the workout instantly. Your buns and legs start burning and that’s when you know that it’s working.

Your Glute Workout

Our Twerk Queen, Nicole Steen, knows how to get that perfect butt. Here’s a peek at a level 2 toning class from our Tone N Twerk series. Do this once on each side for a 10 minute glute toning workout. This workout starts with deep squats and what the fitness bands do here is that it makes it harder to squat down and make it tighter for your glutes. She also goes through pulses in a squat position. This is a really great workout where you can challenge yourself to go lower or go slower. Pulses tighten up the leg and butt muscles and trust me, you want that burn. There are a few other toning workouts that Nicole goes through in the video, but I’ll let you discover them for yourself!

Tone That Booty

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On Demand Twerk Classes

Get your tone on with our Tone N Twerk dance workouts. Free trial for 15 days is always available. Go on and twerk, your glutes will thank you! And if you want more of a challenge, we have a how to twerk for advanced booties!