Twerk dance landed in my life and I’ve never looked back… except to look at my booty while I twerk ? Twerking has changed my fitness journey for the better and it can have the same result for you! I love feeling sexy, strong and comfortable in my own skin. Twerk classes can do that for you too.

Tone N Twerk Dance Workout

There’s something to be said about a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin and will twerk the day away. Done are the days when we’re ashamed of shaking our booties to that new Cardi B song. We’re here and we will shake what our mama’s gave us! Twerk dance makes me laugh, sweat, smile, sore and feel really good. I want to change the narrative of what twerking is about because it’s been a big part of my dance fitness journey. The first time I tried twerking with Nicole Steen I was in over my head. But she is such a great teacher that I felt comfortable feeling vulnerable with my friends by my side. And I stand by my statement when I say there’s nothing better than dancing with your best babes. Seriously, Nicole is so good at making you feel saucy about your twerking skills. From Booty Pops to Side Twerks, she’s got you covered and believe me, you’ll want to keep practicing over and over again. Not only to get these moves down, but also because it’s just that fun. I want to go through some of the moves that really helped me when I was starting out my twerk dance journey. These are basic twerk moves that will help you along the way and it’s definitely easy to make these booty shakes your own. Check out the moves below and let me know what you’re practicing with #hsfteam on Instagram so I can give you some love, bootyful! If you don’t get it right away, don’t worry! I’ve been twerking for 2 years and I still don’t get all of it. It’s all about having fun babes! Shake that booty proud!

1. Booty Pop

The number one thing to learn is that your booty is trying to reach your head. You read that right, not literally, but that’s the action you want. It’s weird because you don’t realize how many muscles you have on your butt and your lower back until you train to twerk. Total new appreciation for my muscles.

2. Shuffle Twerk

I love to shuffle twerk! It’s like a new version of the twist and who doesn’t love the twist? This move really works your calves and you feel that booty jiggle. And babe, your booty SHOULD jiggle here. Get that thickness and let it loose! You basically sit on the heel that you twist to and have fun.

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3. Knee In

Work them knees babes. You notice when Nicole’s knee comes in, her booty pops up. This move burns your thighs so the more reps you do, the more it burns. How many reps can you do in one sitting? I think I can do about 20. Can you top that babe?

4. Side Twerk

Booty pops everywhere and that’s the way I like it! This is a basic move that can be sped up to make it an advanced move. I started super slow to the right and kept it to the right until I was ready to swing over to the left side. When you get your rhythm going, it gets easier to switch from one side to another.

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