One of the awesome perks that you can get when you pledge on our Kickstarter is a Team Dance. This means that we’ll bring Hip Shake Fitness to you and your team in the greater Los Angeles area! This is a great chance to reconnect and build interpersonal-relationships with your coworkers or a group that you belong to.

dance workouts on kickstarter


One of our awesome backers is the Taboola office in Los Angeles, CA. Taboola is the leading discovery platform that serves over 200 billion recommendations to over 550 million unique web visitors every month. Basically, they connect people and media from around the world using a mathematical predictive engine. These math enthusiasts will be doing a team dance workout in their office and they chose Dancehall Jam with Zen. Such a great choice!

What to expect

You and your team can expect a good time, lots of laughs and you might even find a hidden dancer among your team. This team dance is an open level class which means whether you’ve been dancing for a long time or if this is your first fitness dance class, you will get a workout while having fun. Loosen up and lessen that work stress with a team dance from Hip Shake Fitness.
Loosen up and lessen that work stress with a team dance from Hip Shake Fitness.

Get your team dancing

If your company would like to do a team dance with us, you still have time to pledge! For a $500 pledge, your team can get their very own dance workout at your office. You get to pick which class your team will take: LA Latin, Dancehall Jam, Old School Hip Hop, Bollywood Abs, or Flirty Hip Hop. Help support Hip Shake Fitness and get your team dancing!

dance workouts on kickstarter