We’re taking our booties to the next level with our 21 Day Love Your Booty Challenge. Join us for 21 days of dance workouts, glute strengthening and 12 healthy recipes you can keep forever. Your booty deserves all the love, babe so let’s get bootiful together.

Love Your Booty Workouts

I cannot wait to shake my booty with the rest of the tribe. Working on glutes can be hard work, but it can also be super rewarding. Plus, we’ve got some badass instructors on our side for this challenge. For this challenge we’ll be doing workouts with Zen, Nicole, Diane and Erica. I chose these ladies because their workouts will help tone your assets and I love their positivity. These ladies will guide us on a three week body toning, self loving and fun dance workout journey. Aside from that, we’ll be working together in making a Virtual Vision Board and you’ll get to see mine! Let’s keep our booties tight and our goals in sight for 2020.

Why Join?

  • Daily booty toning workout schedule
  • Access to premium dance workouts from our studio
  • Build glute muscles through resistance training
  • Learn 12 easy and healthy recipes
  • Weekly visualization tips to keep your 2020 goals in check
  • Accountability and support from other tribe members on the private facebook group

Challenge Details:

1. When does the challenge start?

We’re starting on January 27 and I can’t wait to dance with all you babes. 

2. Do I need to be a member to join?

YES! You can get some of the workouts for free on our YouTube page but most of the workouts you need dance studio access to get it.

3. Do I need equipment?

You will need these for strength training:
  • hand weights
  • booty bands
  • yoga mat
  • 1 pilates ball
  • chair with backrest
  • gliders

4. What if I can’t do the workouts or follow the meal plan?

This challenge is all about YOU babe. Do what you can, if that’s 4 workouts, 2 recipes or all, you do you, boo.

5. Will there be a prize?

Heck yea! The hipshaker that does the most workouts at the end of the challenge will win a Lakanto bundle and a 3 month upgrade to their subscription.

Visualizing Your Life

Adding a visualization practice to your daily routine will naturally motivate you to reach your goals. So for this challenge, we’ll be making a Virtual Vision Board together.

Squats Challenge

Giving love to your booty means working on your SQUATS. Each week we’ll all have a squat goal to achieve and we’ve got some dance inspired squats that you can use so we can have variety.

21 Day Love Your Booty Menu

Plus, we’ve got 12 easy and nourishing recipes just for you!

My faves:

  • Arugula Meatballs
  • Cauliflower Soup
I can’t wait for you to try all of them babe!

Are you ready to Love Your Booty?

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