Did you know that you can get a copy of our Tone N Twerk dance exercise DVD on Amazon?? Babe, that means you can twerk it wherever you go! It was an adventure creating our very first DVD, we learned a lot and can’t wait to create more DVD’s for you babes.

Twerk Dance DVD

When we were deciding which dance workout to turn into a DVD first, there was no question that it was going to be our Tone N Twerk workout! Everybody LOVES to twerk at home so we made it even more accessible for all our booty babes. What exactly do we need to create a legit DVD?

Step 1: Pick the right dance exercise videos for the full program

First things first, the content has to be awesome. We picked our top Tone N Twerk videos on the dance studio and reprocessed them for DVD format. The current DVD contains 6 booty toning dance workouts that are 30-35 minutes each
  • Twerking 101
  • Twerkshaker
  • Booty and the Bands
  • Squat Goals
  • Booty Bands on the Floor
  • Butt Lift
Each workout is great as a stand alone but they are even better as a complete program.

Step 2: Determine the right messaging for an exercise DVD

We want our Tone N Twerk DVD to empower women! I personally love doing this workout and feeling the strength come to parts of my booty that I’ve never moved before. Nicole and I worked together and went through a lot of back and forth to get the messaging right. We also created a beginner program and advanced program that should last for 30 days with just 1 DVD.

Step 3: Required images for DVD

It takes a tribe of amazing people to create a DVD. We have a graphic wizard, Milen, on our side who patiently worked with us through all the back and forth edits. The team (me & my sister) made sure that everything looked right and that Nicole’s booty would be POPPIN’! For our first DVD we needed 6 images:
  • DVD case cover
  • DVD disc cover
  • insert
  • internal menu

Step 4: Get DVD produced by a reputable company

For the physical DVD, we’re grateful to work with our friend, Steve and Diligent Media. They made it so easy to produce a quality DVD and they’re local ?? I love supporting local businesses in my neighborhood, the South Bay. Check out these first draft images below ? I hope you learned about the process of making a DVD. YOU can do it too OR you can get one of ours.. Twerk the haters away babe. If you already have a  Tone N Twerk dance exercise DVD? Show it off on Instagram with #hipshaker so we can give you some love!

Learn How To Twerk

Sample our first twerk class today. Five minutes is all you need to get hooked booty babe! This was my first Tone N Twerk video and I’m so proud of how far I’ve twerked!

Unleash your feminine expression by learning to dance! We’ve got online dance classes that empower women on our virtual dance studio. Tone N Twerk is a class starts with a toning routine that tightens your glutes and ends with a fun twerk dance.  Get a FREE Trial Today! JOIN HERE.

Tone N Twerk Dance DVD

Dance workouts designed to lift and shape your hottest asset

Start with a booty toning workout and ends with a fun twerk dance

6 total workout routines, 30-35 minutes each

Includes 2 30-day workout calendars